About us

In 1956 the family of Robert van Santen established Van Santen & Van Santen as a manufacturer of beautifully handcrafted leather polo equipment. Since its foundation, every article is made in Argentina under the strict supervision of the van Santen family. Made in their own ateliers, each article may only carry their name after their personal approval.

Robert van Santen’s roots are in Argentina, where polo is the most popular sport and Van Santen & Van Santen finds its origins. Robert started his career in the family company of first class leather polo equipment and exclusive clothing.

At the time, as the only genuine (active playing) Argentinean professional, Robert acquired his place in the most prominent polo clubs in Europe. With his unequalled “know how” as supplier of handmade polo equipment, he obtained great fame within the exclusive European polo world.

Robert Van Santen is still a leading supplier of high-quality polo equipment in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe.Handtekening_Robert